Chiropractor for Neck Pain in Roswell, GA

Neck pain is one of the most common conditions that patients consult a chiropractor about. Most people will experience some type of troubling neck pain at some point in their lives. Often it will go away in a day or two, but chronic neck pain can lead to loss of mobility and the ability to perform everyday functions and keep you from doing your job and engaging in the things you enjoy. Luckily, most people can find relief by visiting a chiropractor for neck pain. The methods used by chiropractic doctors are safe and non-invasive and are a natural alternative to surgery and possibly addictive and dangerous prescription pain medications. Chiropractors don’t just treat the area of the body experiencing pain and discomfort, they consider the health and wellness of the whole person to be essential to the effective treatment of any disorder. When you need a Roswell chiropractor for neck pain, Hybrid Spine and Sport is ready to help you get back to your normal healthy lifestyle and doing the things you love to do.

What Are The Causes Of Neck Pain?

The human neck is an incredible physical structure. It’s made up of seven vertebrae and many supporting muscles, ligaments, and nerves. It is amazingly flexible and durable, but also quite fragile. It has to be able to be in motion all the time while carrying the human head, which weighs on average about 12 pounds. So it’s not surprising that it hurts at times, but there are many things that can cause lasting and debilitating pain.


The most common cause of neck pain is injury from playing sports, falls, and car accidents. Whiplash is a common cause when the head is suddenly thrown back and forth or side to side in a car crash, damaging the muscles and ligaments supporting the vertebra.

Poor posture

The slouching stance characteristic of bad posture puts increased stress on the neck by disrupting the structural integrity of the neck and spine. The neck muscles have to compensate by being constantly tensed to hold the extra load, causing tiredness, aches, and stiffness.

Lack of exercise

Muscles that are weak from disuse are less able to handle the load, get tired faster, and make the neck more vulnerable to injuries.

Job habits

Work conditions often send people to a chiropractor for neck pain. Jobs that require repetitive motion of the head and neck or require you to slump over a monitor all day are prime examples.


As you grow older you are more at risk from degenerative disc disease, which causes the slow loss of the elasticity and thickness of the tissue between the vertebrae, allowing the bones to rub together. Eventually, the discs can begin to herniate, or bulge, putting pressure on the nerves and causing pain, tingling, and numbness that can extend into your arms.


A very common condition that affects the joints and also the neck, especially in older people. It causes the slow deterioration and inflammation of the cartilage, and can eventually cause bone spurs to form.

Spinal stenosis

This disease causes the narrowing of the small passages in the vertebrae containing nerves, pinching and compressing the nerves, and causing neck pain.

When To See A Chiropractor For Neck Pain

Occasional neck pain is common to everyone. But if you experience pain for more than a few days, if your mobility and everyday functioning is being seriously affected, if you begin to have pain, numbness, or tingling that travels to your extremities, or suffer from dizziness or blurred vision, it’s time to seek professional help for a diagnosis and treatment. This is true for any type of pain or discomfort you are experiencing in any part of your body. If you’re having trouble with normal everyday activities and your quality of life is lessened, it’s time to schedule a visit with a local chiropractor with a proven track record of success.

What Happens During A Chiropractic Treatment?

When you visit your chiropractor for neck pain treatment, they will start with a thorough review of your medical and health history and an examination. They’ll ask you about your symptoms and what you’ve been doing to try to alleviate the pain, and about your work habits, diet, lifestyle, and any recent injuries or incidents that might have caused damage or strain to your neck. X-rays might be ordered to discover damaged or misaligned vertebrae. When the problem has been diagnosed they’ll prescribe the appropriate treatment, possibly including cervical manipulation and massage therapy to decrease your pain and muscle tension and improve mobility, and special stretching and strengthening exercises. The doctor might also suggest changes in your work habits and lifestyle. The vast majority of our patients experience fast relief from their pain.

When you need a chiropractor for neck pain in Roswell, GA, Hybrid Spine and Sport can provide the personalized treatment you need to get back on track with your life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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