Our Team

Hybrid Spine and Sport’s mission is to keep you moving, and for a good reason. Our Doctor is an avid outdoorsman and athlete. He sees the worth in having an active lifestyle and wants to help his patients achieve that. He understands how being told no, when it comes to doing what you love, can feel like a death sentence. He is here to give you your yes and keep you there! When he is not in the office you can find him camping in the mountains, sailing on Lake Lanier, training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, throwing disc golf, or playing with his pup, Leo.

Peter Alexander, D.C.

Chiropractor, FMS, GRASTON provider​

​Peter is the owner and founder of Hybrid Spine and Sport. He graduated with honors from Life University with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. During his time at Life he was the President and representative for the Motion Palpation Institute club on campus.

He graduated with honors from Georgia State University with a B.S. in Exercise Science. During that time he worked as a physical therapy tech in a local clinic. Throughout college, he was involved in a variety of movement practices, such as receiving his yoga teacher certification in 2015, MovNat in 2016, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt in 2018.

​Peter uses an evidence-based approach to get your body functioning at its optimum. He’s been working with athletes of all genres for the past 10 years using a conservative approach to maximize results. He specializes in multiple treatment protocols to help with shoulder, knee, low back, neck, and foot pain. His goal is to use a whole-body approach to get to the root cause of your condition, so you can get back to doing what you want to do.

Haleigh Parrish

Marketing Director

Haleigh is the Marketing Assistant for Hybrid Spine and Sport. Originally from Kokomo, IN, she spent her life playing basketball, pole vaulting, and also Division 3 lacrosse at Defiance College. She moved to Georgia in 2018 to follow her dream of working in sports marketing. She loves to spend her free time playing video games, barbecuing, and playing with her dog Benji!

Lexie Wohlfort

Office Manager

Lexie is a CrossFit coach and athlete originally from Baltimore, MD. She moved to Georgia in 2022 to pursue her athletic goals. At Hybrid Spine and Sport, she acts as an Office Manager, keeping all the behind the scenes processes in order. She is currently a bodyweight specialist on the Atlanta Wild, a United Grid League team, where her specialty is handstand push-ups! She has two cats named Squid and Chucky.

Frankie Alexander

 Resident Uromastyx

Frankie is Hybrid’s resident Uromastyx! She spends her days chomping on fresh greens, basking on her log, running away from anyone that wants to give her attention, and keeping Haleigh and Lexie company.