Dr. Alexander is fantastic! Not just a great chiropractor but a great person. Focuses on holistic health and genuinely cares about his patients. Also, love that his business model is inclusive and accessible so people don't have to jump through insurance hoops to get treatment. Helped me so much with my chronic back pain and gave me useful exercises to do at home that make a huge difference. Definitely recommend.

Anne Carlson

Dr. Pete is the best! He takes time to understand your fitness goals and addresses any concerns you may have before administering a therapy best fit for you. His care goes beyond the session as he shares with you additional tips and techniques to continue improving your overall health and speed up recovery. I’ve had docs overly lean on medications and tell me to stop training (BJJ) or lift less due to my age instead of offering more practical advice and treatment. I’m so glad I was referred to Dr. Pete!

Mona Henderson

Pete is an excellent practitioner. The treatment I received has alleviated a number of issues, including neck pain and a rib injury. He is thorough in his assessment and really takes the time to give rehabilitative exercises and make sure his patients understand what to do at home so they can recover faster. I have two young boys who I bring in for routine adjustments. If you are struggling with any injury or discomfort, I highly recommend getting a consultation with Pete.

Christina Sheara

Hands down the best chiropractic experience I have ever had! Some chiropractors in the past wouldn’t truly fix the issues I was undergoing and I would continuously go back for the same thing because I didn’t understand what was going on. Dr. Peter really went in depth with my medical history and consulted me from my past to present. Fixed my underlying issues and gave me tips on how to work on it daily so it doesn’t compound. Very sound advice, I can’t wait to go back!

Alex Massey

Peter Alexander’s is one of the most passionate and dedicated chiropractors I’ve ever worked with. He is a wealth of knowledge and gave me a comprehensive explanation of what was goin on. He also provided me with an incredibly effective treatment plan so I can keep doing the things that I love!

Katherine Konzal

Been a Police Officer in the greater Atlanta area, for 3 years and none of the chiropractors that I have visited, have been as knowledgeable or as thorough about rehabbing my lower back. Dr. Alexander not only provided a series of specific adjustments for my lower back, but also stretches that I could do at home to relax from carrying around all that duty equipment. Highly Recommended!! Will be returning soon!

Shane Johnson

Peter is great! So knowledgeable. He not only gives adjustment, graston, muscle work to provide more immediate relief, but gives you homework/exercises to help fix the root issues. 100 percent would recommend anyone to Hybrid Spine and Sport.

Jesse Hauch

Dr. Pete is my go-to guy for a range of musculoskeletal ailments. He takes a multi-platform approach blending traditional joint manipulation with sports rehab and massage to achieve optimal outcomes. Everything he does is science-based and backed by his personal experience as an elite athlete. He helped my daughter overcome a nagging knee injury and go on to win a gold medal at the 2022 Jr. Olympics for pole vaulting. I give him my highest recommendation.

Gregory Carlin