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What is the Deep Core?

Most people are comfortable with the superficial muscles. We can call these the movement muscles. These are anything you’ve wanted to train in the gym.

Most people are not as familiar with the deep core. These are a deeper stability system that gives our body deep strength and allows the movement muscles to work better.

Sometimes our deep stability system goes “off-line”. This can be from an injury, or an improper movement pattern.

When this deep system is off-line our movement muscles will take up the slack. So they will try to offer stability and movement. Which they can do… for a short while. Cue ominous music…

If this feedback loop is continued, then the muscles that are doing all the work will eventually give up on you. This is the classic case for someone who “throws their back out”. The muscles around the spine have been doing double the work and eventually give up on you and go into spasm.

This typically happens first thing in the morning when someone bends over to tie their shoes.

This is one of the reasons we work so meticulously here on getting our deep core active again. It’s also a reason why traditional treatments haven’t worked for you in the past. If we just release all the movement muscles and don’t activate the stability ones we can put ourselves into a world of hurt.

Things feel good temporarily, but in a couple days it’s back again. Leaving you frustrated and feeling like you’re not fixable.

I’ve got news for you. You are fixable and you just haven’t found someone who addresses the root cause.

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