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Everyone’s got their tweaks or their minor random aches and pains that they feel every now and again. Why is it the one time you slept wrong and woke up not being able to move your neck? Did you get beat up by your pillow? Maybe your pillow knows some slick fighting techniques. Chances are, there was some underlying issue that was happening before you got into bed that night. There is always the slightest possibility your pillow is an assassin. If that’s the case please let me know, I’ll hire them on the spot.

What is the problem then? You sleep every night and wake up the next morning feeling okay (feeling better after coffee), and you’ve never had this pain before. Well chances are there was some underlying dysfunction in or around the spot that’s in pain now. The first sign of dysfunction is improper movement patterns of joints. This is the first stage on your way towards “the straw that broke the camels back”. Usually we develop improper movement patterns through our day to day life. Maybe you’re sitting at a desk typing out a blog post about fighting pillows, or you stepped off that curb you didn’t see and it jammed something in your back that feels better after a little stretching. Whatever it was, life has a funny way of making things more difficult for us.

These minor improper movement patterns, if left unchecked, will go onto changing the biomechanical efficiency of your body. That means if your upper back is not able to move as much as it needs to you still have to turn your head. Eventually structures that aren’t supposed to be doing the extra work will fail. Leaving you in pain. The problem wasn’t the spot where you’re hurting at. The problem is below the pain where the joint isn’t working properly.

This is why routine maintenance is a fantastic health benefit for you. If we can take care of the joints that aren’t moving correctly early enough, we can prevent pain in the other ones. Just like going to the dentist, you routinely go for a check up and cleaning. This is to prevent things like a root canal. Too many people see the chiropractor when it’s time for a root canal instead of general cleaning. Coming in early will help prevent those major aches/pains by getting everything moving just right. Click here to come in and get checked out.

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