Why We’re Different

Do you feel like you can’t find the right provider? Are you tired of wasting your time and money with results that don’t last more than a day or two? Maybe you’ve had the wrong treatments and just don’t feel like you’ve been heard.

It sounds like you’re our perfect patient! We are a results-driven practice that takes the time to go slow and methodically work through your problems and concerns. By going slow we actually go fast! This is because we’re able to find and fix the root cause instead of trying to mask symptoms.

Just like when you take Advil and it makes the pain go away, there are ways to do this in natural healthcare as well. The problem is, by masking symptoms, you’re not fixing the reason why the symptom is there in the first place!

Let’s say you have lower back pain. Did you know it might be because your ankle isn’t moving correctly? Yes, we can massage the back and make it feel better, but that’s not going to fix the real problem at the ankle. This is not your typical chiropractic visit.

This saves you time and money! Life is short, you better enjoy it!

How our process works:

1. Click on this link and submit your information. One of our members will be back with you and schedule a time for a phone consultation that will take approximately 15 minutes. This phone consultation is a way to see if you’re a good fit for our clinic.

2. Next step is a free discovery visit. We like having people come in to see if we can help them before any money is involved.

3. Next is scheduling a comprehensive exam with treatment. This is a trial run of treatment to see how you respond.

4. Finally, we book a plan of care based off of what we found during the exam and treatment to give you the knowledge to maintain long-term results.