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Getting strong is important. Not because you need to compete in powerlifting competitions (maybe it is), but because you’re a human. Being that you’re a human, you need to be able to handle everyday life. That means being able to pick up the groceries (in no less than one trip) or move a piece of furniture to the other side of the room… again… no not there… over here. Regardless of what your jam is, it’s important that your body is strong to handle everyday life. So here are some tips and tricks to enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

First of all, strength training doesn’t have to happen in a crowded gym with terrible music while you try to get pumped like Arnold. Strength training can, and should be, what you enjoy doing! Maybe that is going to that loud crowded gym, maybe it’s starting a martial art that you’ve always wanted to try, there’s also that silks class your neighbor has been talking about, or maybe you’ve seen someone swinging a mace around on Instagram. Whatever interests you that’s the first and most important piece of the puzzle. STAY IN SHAPE HAVING FUN.

What about cardio? We all know cardio is great for your heart and overall health, but what was the first thing you thought of reading that word?… It’s okay, I thought of the hamster wheel at the gym as I typed it out. A treadmill can be a great tool, if you enjoy it (see above). Most people I talk to don’t enjoy it so they immediately shut cardiovascular training out of their lives and minds. One of my favorite clients hated doing cardio so we opted to run football routes instead of the wheel. We would take a football into the parking lot and he would run out for passes. Other options are getting into various intramural sports such as kickball, ultimate frisbee, biking, or rowing. Trust me, if you feel intimidated going to play know that most people there are just like you. They’re looking to have some fun and stay in shape.

Depending on where you live here are a plethora of adult activities that ARE FUN and KEEP YOU MOVING. Motion is lotion and you were made to move. Now take a second and search for a new adventure… go ahead… I’ll wait… good, now sign up and get moving!

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